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Bike Share in Elmwood Nebraska

What is the bike-share program? Quite simply there are five bikes available for the public to use for FREE! Yes, you heard it. Just drop into Bits and Pieces and sign one out!

In coordination with St Paul Methodist Church, United Methodist Health Fund, Hutchinson, Kansas, and Bits & Pieces five bicycles are available to check out (just like a library book) and ride around town, to the park, or on the trail.

  • To check out a bike, you must sign a waiver. General bike share program rules-
    must show a drivers license at check out
  • 12-17 can rent bikes with a parent at check out. Parents take full responsibility and sign a waiver for their child.
  • The bike is due back by the next Bits and Pieces business day. Plans are in the works to get a key dropbox.¬†(Stay tuned.)
  • The condition of the bike is checked at check out and when it is checked back in
    when you check out a bike you are responsible for the bike. Any damage will result in a fee.
    failure to return the bike by the due date will result in the suspension of your ability to check out bikes.
  • No holds/reservations on bikes will be allowed
  • We do not provide helmets. You can bring your own helmet to use while riding the bike.
  • Have fun!!!!

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