At the end of World War II Edwin McHugh returned home to Murdock from the U.S. Navy.  He entered law school and graduated from UNL Law School.  It was at that time that some of the Murdock residents asked Edwin to come back to Murdock to start a bank and practice law in the bank.


As a result of that request by some of the Murdock residents, Corn Growers State Bank was incorporated October 31, 1949, and accepted its first deposit Saturday, February 25, 1950.  The original Board of Directors was Edwin T. McHugh, Mary K. Platt (McHugh’s sister), August Ruge, William Stock, Robert Van Pelt, Herman Kupke, and Dan Schlaphof.  The officers of the bank at that time:

President: Dan Schlaphof

Vice-President: Mary K. Platt

Secretary and Cashier: Edwin T. McHugh

Assistant Cashier: Marie L. Schweppe

August Ruge and William Stock were instrumental in the growth and success of the bank.  They both served terms as president of the bank.

The bank is still located in the same building where it originally started.  A major renovation of the building was performed in 1979 that increased the size of the building three times.  However, the old original vault is still in use to this day.  Since 1979 the interior of the bank has been remodeled twice to keep the bank looking modern and clean. In 2011, the bank was expanded again to accommodate additional staff and new services provided to our customers.

Changing times and technology dictate that the bank keep current on its computerization and Corn Growers State Bank has met those challenges by constantly updating its technology, hardware and software.  Even though we are technology dominant, we take pride in personally serving our customers.

The bank’s current president, Brian McHugh, started working for Corn Growers State Bank in 1973 after he graduated from UNL, at which he was also serving in the Nebraska Air National Guard.

The bank’s current Vice-President and Legal Counsel, Lynn McHugh, started working for the bank in 1980 after he had graduated from Drake Law School.  Lynn also practices law in the bank as his father did when he was working.

Over the past 10 years, Corn Growers State Bank has hired a set of 3rd generation McHugh family members to work for Corn Growers State Bank.  In 2006, Brian McHugh’s son, Jeremy, was hired by Corn Growers State Bank to be the Information Technology Officer after Jeremy’s graduation from Midland College in Fremont.  Jeremy is not only currently serving as the bank’s IT Officer but is also serving in his role as the

Assistant Vice President of the Bank.

In 2011, Lynn McHugh’s son, Nathan was hired by Corn Growers State Bank after he graduated from Creighton Law School in Omaha.  Nathan has joined his father in the law firm and serves as general legal counsel for the bank in various capacities.

Corn Growers State Bank has increased in assets many times over since 1950 and takes pride in the fact that it is a vital part of the Murdock community and wishes to thank all of its past, present and future customers for the business they have done with the bank.  Your support is greatly appreciated.